Hope for a world that says there is no hope!

Our Mission

MissionCarved in Stone, Inc. is a non-profit organization which promotes God’s Value System in a plethora of ways.


Through outsourcing and partnering with others, we strive to:

  • Promote the power and grace of Jesus Christ through the teaching of God’s Carved in Stone laws, the Ten Commandments and what Jesus said regarding those laws. We encourage people to abide by the commandments and live out the Ten Standards of Excellence (the positive side of the Commandments).
  • Invest in current and potential leaders who are making themselves available to impact a lost world. As a trainer with the Life Languages Institute, John Gillespie is able to impart tools to leaders so they will have greater influence in their environments. We also have Christian Marital and Family Therapists we partner with who are trained to help you find freedom and healing in your life and in the relationships you have with others close to you. Inquire by e-mail or give us a call for a referral.
  • Enhance the spiritual health and vitality of God’s people.

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