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John Gillespie LOVES IH and Power & Praise Radio

Thank you IndieHeaven for creating such wonderful “tools” for the Independant song artist. With a heart to get the Message of Christ out to the masses while operating in our day to day functions of life, we depend on companies like IndieHeaven whose heart is to help us achieve this mission…TOGETHER!

My name is Suzanne Grimaud. I am the Director of Promotions for John Gillespie of Carved In Stone, Inc. We have enjoyed being featured on Power & Praise radio several times but did not realize some of the awesome benefits until this week. Let me assure you, the Industry is paying attention to Power & Praise radio and to the upcoming IndieHeaven artists. They are seeking fresh new voices accompanied by hearts that are sold out for God.

We’ve been contacted by radio stations across the country who want to play John Gillespie’s music on their radio stations. They are also asking to link back to IndieHeaven on their websites. What a blessing! They are finding us on Power & Praise radio. If you have not submitted your songs yet, I would highly encourage you to do so.

By the way, check out the FanFavs chart. Look for “Exalted” under “Contemporary.” We just added the song. It has an electric funky sound to it. You’ll be moving with each beat and lifting praises to God.” We’d appreciate your 5 star vote!

posted by Suzanne Grimaud, Promotions Director on 10/03/2008