Hope for a world that says there is no hope!

500 FREE CD’s

At the recent ARMM (Association of Retired Ministers and Missionaries) Retreat in Branson, Missouri, that is exactly what John did…gave 500 Free CD’s away to honor the men and women who’ve given their lives in service to the Kingdom.

As a special treat, John Gillespie recorded Deep Roots, a brand new collection of songs performed over the years. This new mix is a more worshipful style, ushering you deep into God’s presence. Deep Roots was created as a love gift to retrired Ministers and Missionaries and he shared his appreciation for them as he presented it to them this past October. Deep Roots will soon be made available for purchase.

Raised in a pastors home and now serving in full time music ministry, Gillespie understands the importance of showing gratitude and thankfulness to those who’ve come before him. Wise is the man who grasps this truth and acts upon it.

posted by Suzanne Grimaud, CIS Director on 12/15/2007